#100HappyDays – Day17: Loughborough

Apologies for delay in posting – a few technology issues last night!

Any ex or current Loughborough student will know the feeling as you turn off at J23 of the M1, and you get your first glimpse of Towers ahead. It’s the feeling of coming home.

It’s a strange phenomena – Loughborough is a busy, if unremarkable market town in the East Midlands. Not the worst place on earth, but certainly not about to win any ‘best place to live’ awards. Yet the loyalty it generates amongst its former students is close to cult like.

I first came here 17 years ago, arriving on the train as an 18yr old fresher, and never looked back. I fell in love with the place within a few days and that feeling, now I am back for round 2 of my studies, has never diminished.

Why? Well it’s a combination of things – a huge campus, with plenty of green space and the vast majority of students living in halls certainly helps. As does the amazing sporting facilities, and the brilliant inter-hall sports programme. But most of all it’s the students that make it.

We are a unique bunch, and I don’t say that lightly. There’s a natural self-confidence amongst the typical student here, come call it arrogance, but it is more than that. It’s about knowing you are part of a long-line of incredible sporting success. There’s a reason why we get to use lines like #wherehistorybegins and #lufbrawow (Loughborough walk on water).

This confidence transcends the sporting arena, creeping into every area of student life – as do many other sporting traits, teamwork, dedication, loyalty, banter (in a good way) to name but a few.

All in all it makes for a powerful and enduring emotion. Still now when I meet someone and they say they went to Loughborough, I feel like I know them just that littler bit better. And many halls, including my own, have annual ‘old boy/girl’ weekends, which keep this emotion firmly in he the front of the mind.

A friend of mine talks of the ‘Loughborough Mafia’, particularly in the sport and leisure industry. And there’s an element of truth in it, after all why wouldn’t you?

So, whenever I return to the place, I am reminded of what an incredible place it is, how incredible the people are, and what an incredible time I had here. In short, it make me happy.


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