#100HappyDays – Day16: @MegansWine on the Kings Road

Last night was a pretty shit night. The wind not only felt like it was going to take out the back off the house, it also woke Josh up, who then spent the rest of the night in our bed. I love my son, but his constant wriggling, kicking and occasional whispering of “Daddy, are you awake?” in my ear, meant that by the time we set out to do some shopping this morning I was in what you might call a bad mood.

Shopping was fine, but I was really tetchy – and the fact I knew I was just made me more irritable. This was then compounded by the fact that Pizza Express, our ‘banker’ in terms of lunches that keep the children happy, was full.

And then we came across Megan’s Wine Cellar. Snug, homely, welcoming – it was like we’d lost a penny and whilst searching for it, found a twenty-pound note.

The service was super-friendly, particularly in the way they doted on Josh & Alba. The food was gorgeous, including some of the best salads I’ve had in years. The Gavi, recommended by the waitress, was nectar from heaven. But most of all, it was the kind of place you left happier than when you went in.

So thank you Megan Wine Cellar for making my (and therefore my family’s) Saturday just that little bit better. We’ll be back soon.



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