#100HappyDays – Day 14: Scoring a 64

In case you don’t usually read my tweets or Facebook posts (and let’s be honest, who can blame you?) I am, amongst other things, currently completing an MBA in International Sports Management. It’s a part-time course, over two years, and means every six or seven weeks I catch the train up to Loughborough (because where else would you want to learn about Sport?) and spend four and half days locked in a classroom with just under a dozen other people. It’s good for the soul apparently.

Well today was the day the latest coursework marks came out. As you might have guessed, I got a 64. Being completely honest, I was a little disappointed. It’s my lowest score to date, and on an essay I was really pleased with. But then, via the power of What’s App I started chatting to a few of my classmates.

One of them, who was really chuffed with a score similar to mine, said “There are 40%’ers and 70%’ers, and I’m the former – delighted to have passed” another person, who I think guessed I was a bit pissed off with myself, said a few nice things to cheer me up. But mostly people just shared – relief at getting a good score, angst at not doing as well as they thought, humdrum stuff.

But the fact it was humdrum is what’s turned it into a Happy Day. Less than six months ago we’d never met, but now we are classmates, and friends, sharing our joy (and pain), cheering each other up and supporting one another.

By the way, after a few hours of reflection, I am much happier with my result (though if anyone out there can teach me to reference properly, I’d be eternally grateful).

Monday sees me back up to Loughborough for my next exam. I wonder if anyone can guess what’ll be the focus of my happiness in that blog?



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