#100HappyDays – Day 7: Waterstones


Another day, another drenching while out on the Vespa. Soaked and chilled to the bone travelling back from town, I had to pop into Waterstones in Chiswick to pick up some book-tokens as presents for some of Josh’s classmates (a great present for kids by the way – they LOVE choosing their own books).

What I found! as always, was a warm (and dry) haven. I love wandering around, seeing what’s in fashion, and what’s in the bargain bin. There’s a peace and tranquility to a bookshop – more bustling, and social than a library, but still reserved and respectful – that I love.

Today, in addition to the compulsory tokens, I bought – The News, a users Manual; Great Britain’s Great War; The Blunders of our Government; Big Brother and Five Star Millionaire. Some I’d heard of before, at least one I just liked the cover!

So a perfect moment, in a very wet day. All that was needed was a hot cup of coffee. (Which is a hint Waterstones – a cafe, and you’ll have a daily customer).


One comment

  1. Love it. Back in my hometown Lincoln (of the Shire), we had a fair sized Waterstone’s which had a little café on the top floor (Costa, I think), and it was easily one of the best spots in town. Escape!

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