#100HappyDays – Day 3: The amazing NHS (and thanks for making my daughter better)

I’m not sure if this is a ‘happy’ moment, or just one to be thankful for, but either way, today the NHS is the focus of my photo and blog.

Overnight Alba (my about-to-be two year old) developed a shortness-of-breath and a temperature. She’d been a bit snotty for a couple of days, but now she was wheezy and having to work really hard to breathe. Being a fair way from home, and a little worried, we decided to visit the local walk-in centre in Colchester.

Inside 20 minutes of walking through the door, we had been seen, Alba had been diagnosed with a viral infection and they had started her on a nebuliser and steroids. 20 minutes after that, she had been referred to the paediatric assessment unit at Colchester General Hospital, from where I am now writing this post, whilst waiting for Alba to be discharged.

Every staff member we have met, clinical or otherwise, has been superb – caring, insightful and dedicated to giving the best treatment. Despite the headlines you read, this is the modern NHS at its best, and it’s really worth fighting to keep it.

A strange day, but in the end, a happy one nonetheless.



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