Thoughts on Equal Marriage Debate

In six sentences… 

The right result came out in the end. 

David Cameron and Maria Millar showed strong leadership on an issue they knew would divisive within their party, and should be applauded for that. 

There will be no applause, David Cameron is now more vulnerable than he was before he gave his Europe speech. 

The fact it was so divisive (if only Tories voted, the motion would have been lost) is a reminder, if needed, the Tories are very much still the ‘nasty’ party. 

I saw nothing to sugest those who voted against are not, on the whole, homophobes and bigots. 

This should not be the last time we debate Gay marriage – once this round has been won (and remember it still needs to get through the committee stage and the Lords), the fight needs to move from Parliament to the Parishes. 





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