£35 a week

According to a story in today’s Guardian Britain is seeing a boom in shoplifting, as those on the breadline are simply unable to make end meet.

An Algerian boy was restrained by five people are attempting to steal a sandwich from a supermarket, as an asylum-seeker he was not permitted to work and received just £35 per week for food, clothing and travel.

Just in case any of you were still under the illusion that asylum-seekers were coming to Britain and living the life of Riley I’ll repeat, £35 per week to feed yourself, clothe yourself and travel around, and no opportunity to work and try and improve your lot. In court he said he frequently went 1 or 2 days a week without eating.

The Trussell Trust predict that over 200,000 people will use food banks in the 2012/13 financial year, even in austerity Britain it simply can’t be OK for people to be unable to afford to eat.

Whilst George Osborne talks of ‘strivers vs shirkers’ real people are going hungry, someone needs to convince him it’s time to change tack.


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