They were just children…

I have a little boy called Josh. He will be three in August. I also have a baby girl, Alba – she is 16 weeks today. As you can see they are full of life and Together are the most precious things in my world.


So how then do I explain to them that they live in a world where people are allowed to massacre children not really so much older than themselves? Children who were no threat to anybody; Children who had the potential to change the world they were growing up in for the better; Children that brought the same joy to their families as Josh and Alba do to mine


I am not naive enough to not recognise that global politics is often a complex affair where both action and inaction have ramifications far beyond any initial intention. But, surely we can all agree that a regime that does this to its children cannot remain in power? Even if this does mean removing Assad and his murdering generals by force.

World leaders have already sat on the sidelines for too long, looking the other way, unwilling to follow their predecessors by engaging in more conflict in the Middle East. Blair’s Chicago doctrine of humanitarian intervention is as right now as it was was in 1999 when he first spoke it

We are all internationalists now, whether we like it or not. We cannot refuse to participate in global markets if we want to prosper. We cannot ignore new political ideas in other counties if we want to innovate. We cannot turn our backs on conflicts and the violation of human rights within other countries if we want still to be secure.

And, more than that, it is about being on the side of right. Today the global community finds itself at a crossroads, do we cross to the side of the road, pretending not to see what is happening in front of our eyes? Or do we stand shoulder to shoulder with those communities who have seen their friends, families and children taken away from them and act decisively against their oppressors?


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