My guide to a happy work life

Last year I read a brilliant book called Shine by Chris Barez-Brown – he is a fabulous guy who makes the workplace a more fun, innovative and creative (and profitable) place to be. It was that good I used some of the thoughts and ideas as the basis of a work induction – the idea being to give them a sense of the type of team I wanted to create.

I was flicking through the presentation again this morning – remembered how much I loved it and so thought I would share some of the themes with you. So, with thanks (and apologies for my interpretations) to the great Chris Barez-Brown, here is my guide to a happy and fulfilling working life.

Ideas are precious – Play with them, don’t kill them.There is a time to be analytical. Brainstorms are not that time.

There are 100 reasons not to do something – But rarely more than a single reason to act. Do it anyway.

If you fear Experimentation you are an IDIOT – It is good to change and try new things from time to time. It is the only way we learn.

Keep it fresh, mess with everything – Habits and routines are the killer of creativity and sap your life-force away. If something if beginning to feel a little dull – change it.

You never have your best ideas at your desk – So don’t just sit there trying harder, go take a walk, buy a coffee. Look up at the world around you, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

Be a dick, not a cock – A dick is playful, questioning, banter-fuelled and fun. This behaviour should be encouraged. A cock is none of these things – avoid at all costs.

Assume everyone is an Angel – Life is better this way.  I promise.

Respect Curiosity, Intuition and Smartness in others – that smartness in a brain sense. The clothes really don’t matter.

Surround yourself with smart people – They’ll make you look smarter, and it is a lot more fun.

Shut up and listen – you’ll learn loads.

Embrace what you are doing – or get out of the way. There are too many critics and cynics out there.

Smile at Strangers – if we all do it, we’ll change the world 🙂

Be generous with your time and friendship – It’s nice to be nice (and good for business too).

Intuition is your friend – Trust it.

Keep things simple – It’s harder than it looks, but if you nail it…

Do Iconic – Better to do one thing that sticks in others minds than 10 things in a mediocre fashion

Kill fear – it destroys everything good in the world

There is beauty and order in Chaos –if only you look hard enough.

Do what you love – you’ll be way better at it than trying to do something you hate and you’ll be happy to boot. 

So there you go – simple. I don’t always succeed at all of them, but I am trying. And when I do, I know my working life will be better and more successful for it. Some of them might resonate with you, some not so much, but hopefully they will get you thinking.

If you want to learn more about Chris Barez-Brown then visit his website or follow him on twitter @uppingyourelvis

If you want to buy his book then you can find it on Amazon



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