My New Year Resolutions


I know I’ll fail miserably on at least two of the below but, on the basis it is harder to fail when you publicise your goals to the world (and to help with point number two) here are my resolutions for the New Year.

Read more More news, more sport, more novels, more biographies, more blogs. More of everything really.

Write more I enjoy writing my blog (even though it has a very limited audience) I just find I run out of time. Little and often shall be my motto here.

Keep up the good work on the weight front I lost over two stone in 2011, which is not shabby. I’ve put a couple of pounds back on over Christmas, but the aim for 2012 is to shrug that back off and then maintain my weight. A little bit more tone wouldn’t go amiss either if. If anyone wants to become my personal trainer, get in touch!

Adapt to having 2 kids and be a good dad to both The most monumental thing to happen in 2012 will be the addition of a daughter to my life. My guess is that having two children will be will be significantly more challenging than just having one. I can only hope I am up to it.

Make an impact in my new job As you might know, I started a new job in November. The initial trauma of it all is now over and it is time to start delivering. Am really looking forward to the next few months.

Keep smiling I am lucky and it is important I keep reminding myself of that. I have a great job, a fabulous wife, a gorgeous child (with another soon to follow), wonderful family and friends and so much more besides. It is sometimes easy to be dragged down by the small annoyances in life, this will not happen. Oh and I am going to keep smiling at strangers :).

See you in 2012. Wish me luck!


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