10 reasons I am happy

I am currently reading Chris Barez-Brown’s excellent new book ‘Shine’. If you haven’t come across Chris before, then take it from me he is one of the most inspiring and creative people you’ll ever meet. Anyway, I digress.. in Shine, Chris asks us all to list out the ’10 reasons I am happy’, which I have done and you can read below. He reckons you should do it standing-up, but I reckon I might have looked a bit weird doing that in the office, so I hope the results still came out OK.

If you want to know more about Chris then check him out on Twitter (@uppingyourelvis) or via his website

Ten Reasons I am happy

1) I have an amazing family that love and support me in all I do.

2) Central to that is my incredible wife and amazing little boy

3) I am lucky enough to have been born into the richest 1% of the world’s population – I have running water, electricity, internet, TV and a front door.

4) I have been given, and continue to be given, opportunities to learn and develop myself

5) I love my work. (Most of the time :))

6) My work allows me to do good, which is nice

7) I am good at what I do – which opens up new opportunities for me

8) I am lucky enough to work alongside some of the most talented people in the business, which means I never stop learning.

9) I have incredible friends that will always be there for me.

10) I am still (quite) young, which means I have loads more to offer and thousands of things to still experience. Which is quite exciting really.


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