John Hemming MP names Ryan Giggs

So, there we go, now everyone knows what those with an active twitter account have known for weeks. I say everyone – at the moment the only new people who know are those who watch BBC Parliament – but thanks to the Lib-Dem MP John Hemming, who raised it under parliamentary privilege, the injunction is effectively dead in the water and it will surely be only a matter of days before newspapers are filled with all the sordid details.

I am still not sure whether Ryan Giggs having an affair with Imogen from Big Brother is in the public interest, however his and his lawyers actions over the last few days and weeks have meant that his image is now tarnished indefinitely. Someone who traded on their image did something very stupid and then, when he was found out, hid behind a flawed law that is there to protect the vulnerable and those whose lives could be at risk. I for one will not be shedding many tears.

Reports coming from twitter today (check out @fleetstreetfox) suggest about 80 injunctions have been granted in the UK since 2006. A great number of these do not seem wildly different from the Giggs affair, famous people trying to keep something seedy under wraps for the sake of their career. I am still not entirely convinced that every sexual misdemeanour by a celebrity or politician should automatically end up in the Sunday papers, but I am convinced of two things – the need for a free-press (even if that does mean the printing of some things I don’t really agree with) and the need for access to any law to be fair, needs-blind and completely transparent. It is clear that neither of these aims are currently being achieved. I wonder how many more ‘maverick’ MPs will have to use parliamentary privilege before parliament as a whole comes together to create something that does?


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