Lembit offers Clegg some sage advice

If Nick Clegg is wise he will avoid consuming any media whilst he is on holiday. But, being a politican, it is unlikely he’ll be able to resist taking a sneak peak at the latest polls. But Nick, if you are sitting on your sun-lounger wondering if you have just killed not only your own political future but that of one of the oldest political parties in the western world, then fear not, Lembit is back to help.

‘Don’t Panic – Keep the faith’ is Lembit’s advice to the Lib-Dem leader, followed by ‘Actions speak louder than polls’.

Wise words from the ex-darling of the Lib-Dems. And something he has personal experience of – the constituents of Montgomeryshire certainly acted very loudly indeed in May, when they chose to vote for a Tory rather than face another 5 years of him.

Perhaps not the help Nick Clegg needs right now.


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