Too nice a day to sit in and write – so here are my ‘twitter’ length views on the last few days.

I’ll be honest – I was going to write a blog yesterday, but was far too hungover, so delayed it until today. But now I look outside at the amazing blue skies and it feels like a day to spend out by the river with my Wife and baby. But what about the blog? Well, it would be rude not to write anything – so I am going to attempt ‘twitter’ style responses to the main headlines of the last couple of days.

Barack Obama hails vote on tightening regulation of Wall Street’s banks – Good thing. Will hopefully give the new coalition opportunity and purpose to do something similar here.

BA counts strike costs as it posts record loss – Despite my support for the right to strike, I can’t help thinking that Unite have got this one very wrong. Better a cut in perks than a cut in jobs.

Torture Claims investigation ordered by William Hague – More promising early signs from the new government that restoring and protecting civil liberties are right at the top of the agenda.

Coalition Agreement – Only briefly read, but it likes the Lib-Dems continue to have significant influence – a very good thing.  The challenge, of course, comes when the numerous commissions report.

Synthetic Life Created – Wow! I understand the ethical issues that now face us – but, for a moment, can we just applaud the incredible achievement that we have just witnessed?

Malawian Gay Couple Jailed – I almost wept. It is beyond any sense that this terrible abuse and discrimination can be inflicted on people because of who they are. There should be global uproar about this, it is an indictment on the global community that there is not.

May changes mind on Gay Adoption – Yeah right. It is amazing what proximity to power can do.

Diane Abbot runs for Labour Leader – Ha ha ha – that is funny, properly funny! What, you were not joking? Oh dear god! There are a lot of talented politicians both male and female in the Labour Party – Abbott is not one of them.

Sorry everyone – promise to be better next week and write more. Right – time to go and enjoy the sunshine! x


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