Election 2010 – Clegg in Today Shocker

Just listened to Nick Clegg’s interview on the Today programme this morning… what came across the most was, with the exception of electoral reform, his inability to articulate what the Lib-Dems stood for and how they would be different to Labour or the Tories.

Just to give one little example – On Trident, where I believe a lot of Labour supporters have sympathy with the Lib-Dem policy of scrapping it, when asked what alternative system they would put in place the answer was basically ‘I don’t know – we haven’t decided’. When pushed he again said ‘there are a range of options, we would need to look at them all’.

He also seemed to backtrack on the Lib-Dem enthusiasm for the Euro suggesting it was ‘not for now’.

This was a very poor performance by Nick Clegg. The Lib-Dems have fought hard to ensure they get their bit of limelight in this election and, as I mentioned yesterday, have the potential to make real gains through the increased profile of the party. But it is a double-edged sword… if Clegg wants to be seen as a genuine and viable alternative to the other party leaders he needs to ensure he can better articulate the vision and policies of his party, if not they are heading for spanking at the ballot box.


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