Where are the tough questions for Cameron?

Jonathan Friedland has a great piece in The Guardian this morning discussing the lack of media interrogation of Cameron’s pre-election campaign to date.

Yesterday’s about-turn over economic policy – the age of austerity has become unfashionable and therefore ditched – is just one of many changes of direction by the Tories in recent months. Before this, there was the farce of a Marriage tax-break that never was but then was again, kind of, probably, maybe. And there have been plenty of others (I’ll let you read the article – but hugging hoodies, a green policy that smells firmly of NIMBYism in reality are just two of the other weak spots).

So my question is – Where are the tough questions? It is entirely possible (those outside of the Labour party can insert the word ‘probable’ just don’t do it in front of me!) that Cameron will be leading a government in three months time, yet to date virtually no-one in the mainstream media has really interrogated him, or his party, on their nervous and changeable approach to public policy.

It is time for commentators, editors and political journalists to take the gloves off and give this potential new government a serious working-over – if they want to govern then this is the least they should expect.


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