iPad – I can’t help but love it.

Like anyone even vaguely geeky, I spent yesterday flicking through webpage after webpage trying to find out more about the launch of the new iPad. Having done this, having read through the many negative reviews of the new machine, I have come to a conclusion – I LOVE IT.

I know it doesn’t have a big enough memory, I know it will not allow open source software and unapproved developers, I know it doesn’t run OSX, I know you cannot run more than one app at a time – I know it all. But none of that takes away from the fact it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s smooth edges and large touchscreen make it a something I just have to have. I can’t wait to browse through the new bookstore, I am looking forward to showing off photos of Joshua on it and the thought of reading the BBC or Guardian websites on it fills me with joy… in short, the only question for me is… Mr Jobs, when are you going to let me get my hands on one?


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