Copenhagen – I am trying to get excited

Today sees the start of what has been billed as the ‘most important conference in the history of the planet’. Clumsy rhetoric aside it does seem that the negotiators have an incredible mountain to climb if any meaningful agreement is to be reached.

I am one of millions of people who dutifully seperate out their recycling every week, use low-energy bulbs, we even drive a Prius! I understand the world is warming and, collectively speaking, it is our fault – but yet still I can’t get excited about it and I am not alone.

The real challenge for global leaders over the next two weeks is not the inevitable horsetrading and compromise that comes with kind of summit. The challenge is to fully engage the public with the facts of climate change, the clear and present danger that it represents and to offer practical, substantial and long-term measures in which to fight it.

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